Official distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is now delivering Western Digital's (WD) latest Scorpio Blue notebook hard drive.

With 750Gb of storage capacity in a standard-height 2.5-inch notebook hard drive the Scorpio Blue 750Gb is the industry's highest capacity to date in this form factor. Designed for mainstream notebook computers, the WD Scorpio Blue 750Gb hard drives utilise WD's leading 375Gb-per-platter areal density and Advanced Format technology.
An ideal solution for notebook computers and other portable devices whose users require extreme capacities in a small package, extended battery life and cool, reliable operation, the WD Scorpio Blue 750Gb hard drive is also one of the quietest 2.5-inch drives on the market.
"Resellers are now offered the choice of a higher capacity notebook hard drive, allowing their mobile customers to store more information while on the go.  The higher capacity provides consumers and business professionals with a small and efficient solution for storing large quantities of data and rich media content, while also offering power efficiency, achieved without compromising performance" comments Linsay Narayanan, WD Product Specialist at DCC.
Features of the WD Scorpio Blue include:
* Advanced Format technology – Technology being pioneered by WD and adopted by other drive manufacturers to increase media format efficiencies, thus enabling larger drive capacities.
* WhisperDrive – WD's exclusive WhisperDrive technology combines state-of-the-art seeking algorithms to yield one of the quietest 2.5-inch hard drives on the market. These algorithms also optimise the way a drive seeks for data, which significantly improves power consumption.
* ShockGuard – Leading-edge ShockGuard technology protects the drive mechanics and platter surfaces from shocks.
* SecurePark – WD's SecurePark technology parks the recording heads off the disk surface during spin up, spin down, and when the drive is off. This ensures the recording head never touches the disk surface resulting in improved long term reliability due to less head wear, and improved non-operational shock tolerance.
* Fast and efficient – Ultra-fast 3 gigabits per second (Gb/s) SATA interface speed yields performance fit for demanding mobile applications.
* Tested for compatibility – WD performs extensive tests on hundreds of systems and a multitude of platforms in its FIT Lab and Mobile Compatibility Lab to give our customers confidence that our drives will work in their systems.