iPhone is the favorite among Egyptians in the US, while Ugandans favour the BlackBerry. Samsung and Nokia phones tie for first preference among Sierra Leoneans living in America, and the Zambians prefer Nokias.

Those findings and more come from a recently-released study of international calling habits and preferences among Africans living in the US provided by Internet phone company Rebtel.
The study also found that Saturdays and Sundays are the days that most Africans abroad call home, although Zambians prefer Saturdays, while Sunday is more popular among Egyptians, Ugandans and Sierra Leoneans.
The largest number of calls from the US to Egypt, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia originate in primarily Eastern and Mid-western states, while the vast majority of calls go to mobile phones in Africa rather than landlines.
Among the survey respondents, 73,2% of calls are to family, 16,1% are to friends, and only 9,6% call business associates at home.