In the wake of the global economic recession, many companies are targeting areas within their businesses that might never have been considered previously in order to exercise cost cutting measures.

The document production and management process, for instance, is one such field that has come under close scrutiny as organisations realise that ongoing issues such as paper wastage and high desktop printing expenses must be curtailed.
"Not only are there issues of wastage that need to be addressed, there are challenges around lost productivity and low work efficiency – in terms of tedious document retrieval procedures and a lack of document control – that can also have a severe impact on the bottom line of a business," says Mohammed Vachiat, product manager at Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa.
"In order to assist companies in making the most of document production, we are encouraging them to look at document management software solutions that can provide real value by not only saving time, but also reducing costs and increasing productivity, rather than focusing exclusively on the hardware side. Essentially, hardware has become the mere platform on which software runs and it is the software that can assist in controlling costs by improving the management and control of these products and processes," he explains.
Through its Professional Services division, Konica Minolta South Africa can provide a basket of solutions, centred around its bizhub digital multi-functional devices (MFDs), that will enable businesses to quickly and easily navigate stored documents, properly manage the increasing volume of data, as well as scanned and electronic documents, simplify fax management and allow desktop faxing and reduce printing and consumable costs.
"In addition, our range of solutions can enable South African companies to limit waste in terms of abandoned and duplicate prints or pages accidentally taken by others, colour print management and printer failure by closely tracking prints and copies, allowing for web based, customisable reporting facilities and enabling the secure release of documentation to the correct user," Vachiat concludes.