Rectron has unveiled Sony’s new flagship Sony Vaio Z Series notebook family, which includes top-of-the-range models that feature the latest high-performance computing technology, including speedy solid state drives (SSD) that are six times faster than traditional hard disk drives, as well as Intel’s new high-end Core i7, the world’s fastest mobile processor.

“Other models in the Z Series run on Core 2 Series processors,” says Werner Kuhn, peripherals, imaging & CE business manager at Rectron, adding that the new range target corporate users and power users looking for high-performance in a small package.
The first of Z Series models available in South Africa is the Vaio Z115, selling at a suggested retail price of R19 999.00.
According to Kuhn, Sony’s newly-engineered switchable graphics technology incorporated in the new Z Series – which allows the notebook to either increase performance or enhance battery life – is particularly significant.
“The Vaio Z Series features both an nVidia graphics processor unit (GPU), as well as an Intel GPU,” he explains.
“For greater performance levels, the notebook will switch over to the discrete nVidia GeForce GT 330M GPU, which incorporates nVidia’s cutting-edge Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) technology. And for increased battery life, it will switch over to the integrated Intel graphics controller.”
Standard Intel Core 2-based Z Series models use Intel GMA X4500M HD GPUs, while the high-end Core i-based Z Series models make use of the latest Intel HD graphics technology.
In Auto mode, the Sony Vaio Z Series’ dynamic hybrid graphics system will automatically choose the external nVidia GPU for greater graphics performance, such as when playing back video contents or running CAD applications. The internal GPU operates for the rest of the time to extend battery life.
For mobile users continually on-the-go, the new Vaio Z Series features a backlit keyboard with an ambient light sensor, which detects the amount of available light and lights up the keyboard when the notebook is used in dark areas, such as on planes. The ambient light sensor also controls the brightness of the LCD display.
According to Kuhn, while the new Vaio Z Series is engineered to be exceptionally robust, it is also extremely light, weighing in at only mere 1.45kg.
It integrates a one-piece milled aluminium plate on the palmrest for greater strength, while hybrid carbon used on the top panel lightens the weight without sacrificing the notebook’s robustness.