iData Distribution has launched iData Financial Services, giving partners and their customers a range of credit options.

iData’s Financial Services offering will increase its channel partners flexibility, giving them the capability of offering their customers access to  cost effective credit options. The product offering brings together a complete financial solution, which can include hardware, software, insurance and support services, in a single monthly or quarterly payment.
Channel partners can now go to their customers with a attractive financial services option, offering benefits such as protected cash in unpredictable economic conditions, up to 20% saving on direct credit line usage, consolidated assets on a single rental schedule, greater financial control with fixed rental plan and reduced cost ownership by keep non-incoming generating assets off the balance sheets.
Due to the rapid evolution of automated identification and mobile computing technology, there will always be a need for refreshed products and services. Previously, the technology life cycle was seven to eight years compared to current updates every four years or less.
Heinrich von Solms, MD of iData Distribution, says: “iData Financial Services gives partners the tools and resources to better meet their customers needs, helping them to grow without the burden of cash flow restrictions.
“Customers fear being left behind, particularly when it comes to technology and product development. When a new product or application hits the market, it is essential to have a facility that allows customers to keep abreast of technology with a flexible upgrade programme that won't squeeze the bottom line."
Depending on the customer's requirement, there are a range of different structures, with terms from 24 months to 60 months and payments made quarterly or monthly.