NoMachine, creator and global provider of secure remote access, desktop and application delivery software, is collaborating with NoPC to give students in under-resourced Tanzanian schools computing resources for the first time.

The NoPC solution takes the comcept of thin computing to a new level, greatly reducing the need for maintenance, support and upgrades. This solution is an energy and cost-efficient PC substitution, eliminating high failure components, requiring little bandwidth and using under 100 watts for five workstations.
After evaluating several remote access tools, NoMachine's NX was chosen for this solution due to its compression and caching technologies, permitting for easy access over limited bandwidth. A vital part of the solution, NX connects a local school’s network of NoPC thin client terminals to a server constructed data centre located in Dar es Salaam. NX provides the option of presenting the whole desktop environment or just specific applications, depending on what the student needs.
Systems architect for NoPC, Dennis Furr, says: “Without the bandwidth efficiency of NX, we just wouldn't be able to deliver these computing resources to children who truly need them. NX is a perfect fit for the delivery agent of this solution and plays a major role in providing the technical solution that these kids in Tanzania require and deserve.”
With this computing solution currently deployed in 10 Tanzanian schools including the Mtwara Technical Secondary School, students from age seven to college level are provided access to the Internet, e-mail and education resources that allow for collaboration with other schools around the world. With access to computers and the Internet, for the first time, students are provided with new ways to study and communicate.
NoPC's Tanzania manager, Ben Everard, comments: “After bringing computers and the Internet to a place like this, I've really seen it make a difference to the students and to the teachers. We have truly created a revolution in African computing.”
There are 3 500 secondary schools in Tanzania and with the help of NoMachine and other partners, NoPC hopes to install computer systems in all of them providing Internet for over 1,2-million children to improve their academic experience.
Co-founder of NoPC, Andy Lindsell, says: “NoPC with the support of key partners like NoMachine and the Linux community have demonstrated the ability and determination to address social inequality based on education, in what we hope will become a successful and important economic region and global trading partner.”