While MB Technologies has the right to use the Ingram Micro name until September, Ingram Micro South Africa is set to be re-branded and renamed within the next few weeks.

Subject to board approval, the company will be known as Platinum Micro, a name the group has previously reserved.
Ingram Micro SA CEO, Hansie Fourie, says he is not too concerned about changing the name of the company.
"A brand doesn't build a business, the business builds the brand," Fourie says. "The Ingram relationship was obviously very important to us, but it is about understanding the local market conditions and trading in these conditions.
"The Ingram name, from a South African customer perspective, was not as big as we thought it would be," he says. "People weren't running to us because of the name. Business in South Africa is still done between people – it is about relationships and the quality of these relationships.
"From that point of view, I don't think the name change is going to hurt us," he adds.
Fourie admits, though, that the Ingram name did attract various vendors to the company.
"Ingram is a company recognised for its high business ethics and that did help us a lot," he says. "A lot of vendors who were frustrated with business in Africa did approach us because of this, realising that we have the same high standards of corporate governance and business ethics at Ingram SA.
"And that is something that will continue within Platinum Micro," he adds.
Fourie says that the majority of the company's major vendors are comfortable with the transition from Ingram Micro SA to Platinum Micro.
"Microsoft and Acer understand the issues and are still on board," he says. "And we will know Intel's stance within the next couple of weeks."
Fourie says that it is business as usual for the company.
"Contrary to rumours, we are not going to be folded into Tarsus," he says. "We are a fully independent subsidiary within the MB Technologies group and there will be absolutely no change with the staff or the day-to-day operations. We are totally unaffected by the latest transaction."