Mitel has joined the BlackBerry Alliance Program as an Elite Member and at the same time announced plans to add BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 to its feature-rich unified communications solutions.

The combined solution will enable fixed and mobile voice communications, and help to increase corporate efficiencies and promote employee responsiveness and productivity while reaping mobility benefits.
The planned solution will combine the advanced telephony features of Mitel Communications Director (MCD) with the mobility features of BlackBerry MVS 5 across corporate networks. Additionally, Mitel's Dynamic Extension solution allows for the seamless call hand off between devices meaning employees can answer a customer call at their desk, continue it on their BlackBerry smart phone, and complete the call on a home phone line.
"Mobilising voice systems is a priority for enterprises as they continue to look for new ways to empower their workforce," says Jeff McDowell, senior vice-president enterprise marketing and alliances, Research In Motion.
"As companies look to extend their enterprise mobility to users, voice and voice feature integration is a natural progression and another area that can provide sizable cost-savings. Vendor solutions like Mitel Mobility Solutions with the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System allow organisations to extend their in-office capabilities anywhere, anytime and from mobile devices. This will be crucial to increasing productivity and responding to customers in every business," said Mike Sapien of Ovum.
Mitel currently offers feature-rich unified communications applications for BlackBerry smart phones to provide the same user experience as on a Mitel desk phone, including the ability to access unified communications and collaboration information, including corporate contacts and voicemails, using Mitel Unified Communicator (UC) Advanced Mobile Portal. In addition users will be able to automatically update Mitel's Dynamic Status using Mitel UC Advanced Dynamic Location, a recently announced BlackBerry smart phone application which uses GPS and other location-based services from the BlackBerry smart phone.
“These solutions not only simplify the user's call experience, but also enable IT managers to consolidate and simplify datacenter management combining Mitel's voice virtualisation strategy and other business applications into a single virtual environment, eliminating the gap between IT and voice organisations,” says Andy Bull, director of Mitel South Africa.
"We continuously hear from customers about the importance of mobility in their companies. BlackBerry smart phones continue to lead in messaging and with Mitel's pedigree in voice applications, we are offering our customers best-of-breed solutions to suit their business communications and mobility needs," says Bull.