Micro enterprises and consumers face a plethora of challenges. Internet connectivity and security feature strongly amongst these. Nology, a supplier of quality security-driven broadband, networking and communication solutions, is meeting both these challenges head on with the introduction of its Billion 3200G Broadband Firewall Router that includes built in security.

The router allows users to share a broadband Internet connection over a wired and wireless network and features a built-in NAT natural firewall. This ensures users have a reliable Internet connection and are safe from viruses, hackers and other cyber threats.
Says Riaan Leuschner, MD of Nology: "Over the last couple of years, we have seen the trend of convergence where multiple functions and products are'collapsed' into one device. Just think of your cell phone that not only enables voice communications but also email, surfing the Web and taking photos. As networking becomes increasingly mainstream, routers are beginning to deliver functionality such as security, providing secure Internet connectivity — at a lower price point and with a simplified network configuration. The Billion 3200G Broadband Firewall Router does just this."
As the number of wireless and wired devices per household increases, more and more consumers are looking to connect multiple devices to their residential network. At the same time, users are demanding faster data transfer rates. The Billion 3200G Firewall Router caters for these circumstances, with its built-in 4-port Ethernet switch, enabling it to serve four PCs or notebooks simultaneously.
Its integrated 802.11g Wireless Access Point allows for a high-speed data transfer rate of up to 54Mbps or 72Mbps when turbo mode is in use. This allows for fast-paced Internet browsing, downloading of large-sized files and online gaming.  
Notes Leuschner: "Home and SoHo users are also looking to create highly flexible networking environments where they are not limited to a certain area for broadband connection and can adjust coverage areas when needed. The 3200G's flexible operation modes and WDS repeater function allows users to work and play from a variety of locations in the home."
The Billion 3200G Firewall Router offers users added flexibility as it supports both gateway and bridge operation modes, and enables users to switch between modes at any time.
The gateway mode provides users with maximum flexibility to choose different broadband service options, allowing them to share high-speed Internet connections via an ADSL, cable, VDSL or fiber modem. The bridge mode, which can be used if there is already one wireless router or gateway within the network, allows the router to function as an additional Access Point (AP) in other areas within the house or office to expand the wireless range. The built-in Wireless Distribution System repeater function means that the router can act as both an AP and a repeater at the same time, which allows users to implement another AP in areas not accessible by network cables and expand wireless coverage.
The Billion 3200G Broadband Firewall Router also includes a range of security. Anti-hacker pattern-filtering protection blocks Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, while Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) determines which data packets are allowed to pass through the firewall. URL filtering gives users the option to block children from accessing inappropriate content. Wireless MAC access control enables you to specify which computers are denied or allowed to access the wireless network. If users already have an existing firewall in place, these features simply provide an added layer of protection.
Says Leuschner, "The Billion 3200G Broadband Firewall Router is an ideal all-in-one solution for consumers or SoHo's who want to take advantage of fast data speeds and the ability to expand coverage when necessary, while at the same time ensuring that their network is protected".