Interactive fiction books are now available on mobile phones as new technology transforms the traditional novel into a contemporary format.

Mobile books or ‘moooks’ are designed for instant viewing across a wide range of mobile networks worldwide, with first service availability in the UK.
This new interactive storytelling concept is the brainchild of mifiction; a Surrey based company with a mission to introduce interactive books, ‘moooks’ across the mobile platform. The interactive nature of these ‘moooks’ means that the reader has the power to decide what happens in the story. At a number of points within each chapter, the reader has a choice of options to determine the outcome, giving an immense number of possible story variations.
According to the National Literacy Trust, less than half of children aged nine to 14 read fiction more than once a month. mifiction sees this new development of ‘moooks’ as an innovative way to entice a younger audience to the world of fiction.
Ten brand new ‘moooks’ have been written especially for the launch of the mifiction product, including the recent mifiction competition winner, Will Dunn’s interactive novel, ‘Dead Flowers’. Will Dunn, freelance journalist and writer, tells us why interactive fiction is important for the future of storytelling:
"It's exciting to be one of the first authors to work with mifiction, and a great opportunity to explore new ways of writing. They have created an inventive way of telling stories that I hope will ignite a passion for reading in a new audience."