Even though the channel is looking forward to the World Cup 2010, the rumours that productivity in the IT sector might come to an abrupt halt isn’t as far-fetched as we would like to believe.

Studies have estimated that about 80% of the world's population will watch the Soccer World Cup. All indications are that approximately 220 000 long haul visitors will attend, 180 000 visitors from Africa and an average of 150 000 local supporters. On any match day it is envisaged that 100 000 travellers will need to use a travel commodity and billions more will watch the action on television or on the Internet, which means business is going to slow down.
"Almost the whole world will be watching the biggest global sporting event” says Neil Rom, MD of Printacom “but while many companies are set to cash in on the glory and the hype surrounding the World Cup, others will likely lose money because of it.”
Over and above the loss of productivity, major events like this usually go hand-in-hand with fraudsters and tricksters trying to make a quick buck and take advantage of unsuspecting people.
Rom adds, “We have anticipated problems such as limitations on freight space and additional pressures on other logistical areas during the event and have beefed up our reserve stock levels to ensure continuity of supply especially on consumables and spare parts.
We realize that our printer products are utilized mostly in mission critical business applications. Our customers cannot afford to have their devices standing idol. We have, where possible taken every precaution to ensure that we and our channel have sufficient stocks of spare parts and consumables and in most cases printers to ensure continuity of supply and service
By doing this, we can save our resellers having to deal with the myriad viral scams currently doing the rounds, like fly-by-night operators, soliciting orders from end users at exorbitant prices and creating panic within the channel and the industry.
OKI is adding its voice to the collective security warnings issued over the past few weeks and is asking resellers and end users to:
* Always be vigilant;
* Check and double check the pricing against original OKI catalogues;
* Contact OKI to verify facts; and
* Contact OKI for a reseller or distributor near you.