SMC Networks has announced the launch of the EZ Connect Vision Wireless Fixed IP Camera (SMCWIPCFN-G2), a new IP surveillance camera that comes in an exceptionally light and compact design and is bundled with a demo-license for market-leading MultiEye management software.

Ideal for home or small business owners who travel frequently and leave their property unattended, the SMCWIPCFN-G2 is a cost effective, feature rich solution for both day and night time surveillance.
The solution is now available to local users via an established distribution channel and SMC Networks South Africa.
Paul Luff, country manager of SMC Networks South Africa, says the solution’s features make it a cost-effective, flexible and easily integrated investment to enhance security and protection.
“Security and the protection of resources remains one of the foremost considerations in business today. SMC Networks continues to demonstrate its leadership in this area of system and solution development and has introduced a product that presents users with immediate  practical and logistical benefits, including wireless video surveillance, two-way audio, MPEG4/ MJPEG Dual Streaming, compatibility with 3GPP and motion detection,” says Luff.
“In essence this solution equips investors with straightforward, practical but powerful high-tech video and audio surveillance technology from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it is accessible and available to any sized operation – invaluable to emerging businesses and also sensible business decision for large enterprises. So there is widespread appeal,” adds Luff.
Frank Emmerlich, product marketing for SMC Networks, says: “People want the extra peace of mind they get from knowing that they can keep their property under surveillance and record incidents while they are away – that’s why the market for IP cameras is booming and is expected to grow. The SMCWIPCFN-G2 meets this demand with a camera that is compact, full of features and very easy to use.”
The SMCWIPCFN-G2 can be connected and viewed through wired or wireless (up to 54Mbps) connections and can be monitored remotely from anywhere through Internet Explorer 6.0 (ActiveX is required). With infra red LED sensors and motion detection, images can be viewed and recorded even in low light environments and alarms set to be triggered by movement.
The new IP camera utilises advanced video compression (MPEG4/MJPEG) to stream and record high quality images and even allows video streaming to a 3G mobile phone supporting the 3GPP format. The SMCWIPCFN-G2 also comes with a mounting kit for flexible and easy installation and supports two-way audio.
In addition SMC is bundling the SMCWIPCFN-G2 with a demo license of Multieye IP Surveillance Software from Artec Technologies – a fully featured IP camera management software package for Windows that enables users to monitor and manage up to 16 IP cameras within a network.