CA World, Las Vegas – In line with the company's new strategy aimed at managing and securing IT environments, as well as offering more flexible services to its customers, CEO Bill McCracken announced in his keynote that CA has been renamed as CA Technologies.

John Swainson, McCracken's predecessor, changed the name of the company about four years ago from Computer Associates to simply CA.
McCracken says the new name is in line with the organisation's new direction which has seen a number of strategic acquisitions over the past year. "We've expanded what we do and who we are," McCracken says. "And to go with that expansion is the new name, CA Technologies."
In an easy quip appreciated by the close to 7 000 CA World delegates, McCracken added: "Another reason is that I got tired of Googling 'CA' and getting California."
On a more serious note, he adds: "The name CA Technologies acknowledges both our past and points to our future as a leader in delivering the solutions that will revolutionise the way IT powers business agility. We are executing on a bold strategy to delight our customers with unprecedented levels of IT speed and flexibility."
The brand and name change to CA Technologies was designed with insights from nearly 700 customers, partners and market thought leaders, and was developed to ensure the delivery of a consistent story in the market that reflects the full breadth and depth of what the company offers.
Marianne Budnik, chief marketing officer at CA Technologies, says the new name is a significant milestone in the history of the company.
"This may seem like a little thing – something nuanced that doesn't carry much weight beyond the addition of an extra word behind our former logo," she says. "But don't let this seemingly small change fool you – the new name CA Technologies is just one change in a series of eveolutionary changes that will create more long-term value for our customers.
"That one word – 'Technologies' – may seem insignificant at first glance, but it encompasses the breadth of capabilities we provide, the expertise we bring to the table and the scalable products that help control and manage your complex IT environments," Budnik says. "Most importantly, it demonstrates our goal to become your go-to technology partner ensuring that, together, we enable IT to power a new level of business agility."