SizweNtsaluba VSP has achieved savings of 20% to 30% a month on printing and copying costs at its Cape Town branch since it appointed Itec as its document output service provider and supplier.

The company is a well-established firm of accountants, auditors and business advisors that operates from offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, East London, Nelspruit and Rustenburg. Printing and copying accounts for a significant portion of SizweNtsaluba’s monthly operating costs – the firm’s Cape Town office prints and copies up to 20,000 pages in a month.
SizweNtsaluba VSP was looking for a new office automation partner in May 2009 and chose Itec on the strength of the cost-savings and service levels it promised in its proposal. Since then, Itec has helped SizweNtsaluba to achieve cost-savings in the region of R 10,000 a month at the Cape Town branch.
The savings were partly achieved through an infrastructure consolidation exercise that saw Itec replace dedicated printers and copiers in the Cape Town branch with multifunction products. This helped to reduce levels of inefficiency and waste.
Itec also put a software solution in place that allows SizweNtsaluba to accurately track printing and copying costs incurred for its clients and bill clients accurately for them.
Says Johann Strauss, partner at SizweNtsaluba VSP: “At the time that we were looking for a new office automation partner, Itec impressed us with its responsiveness and professionalism. Since then, we have developed a strong relationship with Itec and found it to be an approachable and proactive business partner that meets our business needs.”
SizweNtsaluba has been impressed both by the presales and ongoing business advice that it has received from Itec and by the rapid turnaround time that Itec offers for service and support when it is needed, adds Strauss.
Companies such as SizweNtsaluba VSP are no longer simply looking for office equipment suppliers, but for companies that will partner with them to help them optimise business processes and drive costs down, says Alexander Kleynhans, account executive responsible for the SizweNtsaluba account at Itec. In this market, it has become important for office automation suppliers to sell solutions rather than simply pushing hardware.
“Printing and copying is critical to our clients’ businesses, but not core to them. That’s why our clients depend on us to keep their printing and copying infrastructure running smoothly at the lowest possible cost,” he adds. “We work with clients such as SizweNtsaluba as a long-term strategic partner, and help them to identify opportunities to save money and boost productivity.”