CA World, Las Vegas – While some press and analysts questioned the wisdom of a third name change for the company in just over four years – it's gone from Computer Associates to CA and is now CA Technologies – company executives say nothing sinister should be read into this.

Bill McCracken, CEO of CA Technologies, says the new name better portrays what the company represents.
"When we looked at who we are, who we're becoming, the breadth of technology and services that we're rolling into the marketplace, it was a lot broader than the name we had," he says. "We want to broadcast this and feel that the new name better represents this."
George Fischer, executive vice-president, Global Sales, Client Services and Marketing at the company, concurs: "It [the new name] triggers where we're going as a global company. There were also some practical issues – like Googling CA and getting California.
"The new name lets us tell our story, and it's a good story that allows us to move ahead," Fischer adds. "We're a growing, vibrant company and we wanted to reflect that in our name."