Rackspace Hosting plans to bring public cloud services to the UK by the end of the year.

"Our public cloud business grew nearly 125 percent in 2009," said Lanham Napier, Rackspace Hosting president and CEO. "The computing as a service revolution has continued at a rapid pace, with analysts like Gartner predicting that 20% of all organisations will no longer own IT assets by 2012.
"We believe the opportunity in front of us is massive and we have a range of services in development that will be attractive to customers and provide new choices to the market."
Rackspace expects to be one of the first of the major cloud players to place public cloud infrastructure in the UK. The move to offer public cloud services in the UK is driven by growing demand from UK and European customers for local access to world-class services.
The Rackspace cloud service offerings have already proved highly successful in the US, and with this launch, will be available from Rackspace's UK Data Centres for the first time.