Internet Solutions has expanded its Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network footprint into Uganda and Tanzania.

The expansion allows the company to provide full MPLS services out of Kampala and Dar es Salaam while regional partners are leveraged to provide national coverage. Both services make use of the Seacom undersea cable system and are designed to offer premium Internet access and VPN services into the region.
“Internet Solutions has made use of strategic cable providers as well as competent local access partners within Uganda and Tanzania to roll out these services,” says Jacques Rautenbach, chief strategy officer for emerging markets at Internet Solutions. “Seacom will be used as the primary cable to take traffic out of the country while a redundant route has been provisioned on the TEAMS cable to provide resiliance. When the EASSY cable is ready for commercial services, this too will be integrated to enhance the performance of our core network.”
Within Uganda, the services will be provided via a high-availability network making use of a combination of fibre and microwave last-mile technology, while Microwave and WiMAX technologies will be utillised to provide local loop services in Tanzania.
“Following the launch of these products, a number of large financial services organisations are already making use of the services in the respective regions today,” says Rautenbach.
Internet Solutions’ increased expansion into East Africa, following the company’s investment in Kenya in 2006, is a step towards wiring the continent and expanding markets into which IS can deliver its value added service, Rautenbach says.
“As fibre becomes more abundant and resiliant on the continent, we will continue to expand our footprint in support of customers’ requirements,” he says.