Acer has unveiled its Acer Stream device, a new product that extends the boundaries of the smartphone to provide a full entertainment and lifestyle experience.

Acer Stream is a high-end multimedia smartphone that is optimised for watching movies, listening to music and web browsing.
Elegant and minimalist in design, Acer Stream is made from highly resistant materials. In addition, it measures just 11,2mm.
The  new user interface has been redesigned to focus on what is essential to users and guarantee a simple and quick access to what matters to them.
New features include:
* Enjoy smooth animations and fine graphics: surf between photos and video thanks to the fluid 3D interface and unlock the phone by a ‘peeling’ gesture;
* Read information straight from the lock screen widget: accessing ambient information on the idle screen gives the user what he needs before he even asks for it;
* Quickly start favourite applications with one tap: the status bar appears as an innovative divider between logical spaces, showing the essential information, providing shortcuts to most frequently used settings and its position allows a very easy access to the settings or notifications;
* Easily switch applications with the History panel: the top part of the Home screen has been dedicated to applications history, with the benefit of reducing complexity and providing significant cues for navigation;
* Reorder applications across several pages at their convenience: Apps can be moved around from one page to another or easily uninstalled by simply dragging them to the bin; and
* Customise the phone according to specific needs: a simple customisation page accessible from the Home screen lets customers tailor their smartphone through wallpaper and sound personalisation.
These features are coupled with three types of predictive keyboards, a smart dialer and a redesigned contacts list.
All the most popular applications are pre-installed on the Acer Stream. They include Nemo player and Acer UrFooz.