Incredible Connection has announced the availability of the Packard Bell Valentino Rossi dot VR46 (Limited Edition) netbook. The nine-times world champion of Moto GP has endorsed a lifestyle netbook by Packard Bell.

Addressed to Rossi’s fans, Moto GP enthusiasts and mobile users who want a unique and exclusively branded netbook, the ‘Rossi’ was designed by Aldo Drudi, Valentino Rossi’s graphic designer.
It’s impossible to go unnoticed with this netbook. The cover includes Valentino Rossi’s pattern, the renowned “sun & the moon” standing out on the NightSky Black cover as on Valentino's famous helmets.
It’s Rossi’s trademark. Each ray of the sun stands for one of the five continents where MotoGP races. The well-known “46”, both on the cover and inside the netbook, is the number with which Valentino has always raced (and his father’s racing number as well).
The dominant fluorescent yellow is one of Valentino’s favourite colours. Vibrant colours – yellow, orange and red – are blended with sky-blue and white.
This 11,6-inch netbook stands less than one inch high and weighs just 1,35 kg. It is designed for video chat and has a built-in webcam, microphone, Windows Live Messenger and long-range wireless setting. The netbook is designed for being mobile and connected.