Nology has introduced two new routers aimed at the evolving connectivity needs of consumers. Increasingly, consumers are requiring Internet connectivity while on the go, and the ability to share their connection, for both personal and business purposes.

The Air3G Long Range Wireless-N 3G/ Broadband PoE router and Traveler 3G Mobile Router are ideal solutions for users who do not want their Internet connection to be restricted to a small geographical space.
Says Riaan Leuschner, MD of Nology: "As the Internet becomes even more pervasive in our everyday lives, we are seeing a new demand from consumers for a more flexible, mobile and expansive Internet connection. Mobile workers can no longer afford to be without it between destinations, and consumers are starting to expect public hotspots at hotels and restaurants.
"And in South Africa, where penetration has just passed the 10% mark, there is the opportunity for 'connection sharing', whereby people reduce costs by sharing their connection with neighbours. For these reasons, the Air3G and Traveler3G are exciting additions to our router range."
The Air3G, the latest AirLive Access Point (AP) router, provides an impressive 1Watt output power allowing the AP to cover an area of 1km in diameter – nine times the area compared to normal powered solutions.
This lets users benefit from expanded coverage, taking away the inconvenience caused by 'dead zones', which are frequent, particularly in larger homes. It also allows for sharing – either via the USB 2.0 port (for 3G USB dongles), or via the WAN port, which allows for sharing of an ADSL or Cable Modem connection. The WAN and 3G auto-backup function automatically switches between 3G or WAN if one of the connections fail, and the Wireless Multi-mode functions allows users to turn the router into an AP, Wireless Client, Wireless Bridge or Wireless Repeater. This means users can enjoy uninterrupted connection over a much greater area, at fast speeds.
The Air3G also features Hotspot Authentication, which controls who accesses the connection by username and password. This is ideal for users wanting to allow access to patrons at hotels, coffee shops and restaurants – or those wanting to share their connection with neighbours. The router can even be used to provide Internet connection on public transport, and comes with an optional CAR-100DC car adapter that can be used in cars, buses and trains.
The AirLive Traveler 3G is a portable 3G router that is designed for users always on the move, providing access anywhere as long as a 3G signal can be received.  Slim and light-weight, it comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, and is an ideal way for users to share Internet bandwidth via Ethernet cable or 802.11 b/g/n wireless connection. When users are not travelling, the router's WAN failover function can be utilised to offer a redundant WAN connection, and ensure a backup should the ADSL line fail.
Easy to get started, users merely need to plug in their 3G modem into the Traveler 3G – no driver installation is required. Password-protected SIM cards are supported, and passwords can be typed in on the Traveler 3G's configuration page. The Traveler 3G supports 3G/3.5G dongles with EVDO, UMTS or HSDPA protocol.
Comments Leuschner: "As many Internet users now want to ensure that they are constantly connected wherever they are, mobile and long-range routers are becoming more popular among both businesses and consumers."