SMC Networks has announced the launch of the SMCHPAV-ETH2 – a new HomePlug AV adapter that enables users to create a high speed 200 Mbps network over the electrical wires in their homes.

The SMCHPAV-ETH2, which eliminates the need for expensive cabling, is available to the local market via SMC Networks South Africa as a standalone product, or in a kit of two for a reduced cost.
The SMCHPAV-ETH2 works by using Powerline technology to turn any available power socket into an Ethernet connection, making it easier to set up than any other kind of wired or wireless network.
Installation is completely plug-and-play, with connectivity established in the time it takes to flick the power switch. And because the SMCHPAV-ETH2 supports the Quality of Service (QoS) protocol, it automatically prioritises video and audio traffic to ensure smooth multimedia streaming.
Paul Luff, country manager, SMC Networks South Africa, believes this contribution to the local networked home adds substantial value to the user and increases the capacity of domestic networks to handle the requirements associated with connectivity.
“The home user market is expanding and SMC is ideally positioned to address the infrastructure requirements. This solution delivers on reliability, flexibility and ease-of-use, which, together with cost efficiency, are considered fundamental issues for those investing in a home network. With the current focus on connectivity and adequate network systems to run operations, particularly those within the hospitality and retail outlets, we believe that this level of offering bodes well for the local market going forward,” says Luff.
“Computer network cabling in the home can be expensive, look ugly and might mean the hassle of drilling through walls,” says Frank Emmerlich, Product Marketing Manager for SMC Networks. “The SMCHPAV-ETH2 removes all of those headaches in one solution and allows users to create their own high speed network, capable of carrying HD quality, in minutes. We’re also pleased to be offering a special deal on a kit of two devices, which is all people need to get them up and running.”
The SMCHPAV-ETH2 is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Linux and MacOS. Security can be established at the push of a button, enabling 128-bit AES encryption. And for more advanced users, the SMCHPAV-ETH2 also comes complete with a configuration utility that runs on Windows platforms, allowing network management of all connected Powerline devices.