Tarsus Technologies has announced local availability of the new HP EliteBook 2540p notebooks, aimed squarely at business users who want the best performance and battery life the market can offer.

Catering for the needs of power users, the 2540p range can be configured to make use of an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, or where battery life is more important, one of Intel’s new ultra-low voltage processors, which substantially improves mobility.
“Low-voltage and ultra-low voltage parts help conserve energy in a notebook,” says Fulvio Donà, HP product manager at Tarsus Technologies, “which is important when you’re using your notebook on the road.
“This notebook range is extremely versatile. Users can elect to shoot for performance with Intel’s latest mobile powerhouse processors and a 2.5-inch, 7200RPM disk drive (sacrificing the presence of an optical drive), or aim for more battery life by including low-voltage parts such as a 1.8-inch 5400RPM disk drive and a more power-conscious processor – a move which will in turn allow them to add an external optical drive back into the mix,” he says.
“The notebook’s motherboard is based on Intel's QM57 chipset with optional vPro business technology for managing and securing the machine when the appropriate processor is chosen,” Donà says.
The 2540p also has two DDR3 memory slots that offer a maximum of 8GB of memory and an Intel HD graphics processor, which give users a 1280×800 screen resolution.
Other refinements such as wireless networking capabilities, a Gigabit Ethernet port and 56K internal modem allow users to connect to a corporate office network with ease.
“There’s also an optional HP broadband module, which makes life convenient for road warriors,” Donà explains.
Donà says the 2540p features batteries with three, six or nine lithium ion cells, which offer between four, eight-and-a-half or 12.5 hours of unplugged computing time respectively.
“When choosing the preloaded Microsoft Windows 7 Professional option the notebook comes bundled with a whole host of HP Professional innovation software which keeps the user operating at maximum performance.
“Overall, this new range of notebooks is great for the mobile office and we believe this new take on ultra-portable, highest-performance notebooks will be met with enthusiasm by both users and resellers,” Donà concludes.