OMG! Hav u hrd da 411 frm VDCM?  Dey r launching a nu brand 4 da uth  😉

If you didn’t understand the last sentence, you are probably over the age of 25. To translate: Vodacom will be launching a new, youth-tailored brand. Vodacom is making local history with the introduction of the country’s first-ever, youth-specific cellular offering – Vodacom Color.
Under 25’ers, labelled Generation Y, the Net Generation or Millennials, have grown up with a number of rapidly evolving technologies that have had an impact on almost every area of life. The internet has been around for longer than they’ve been alive and they communicate via social networks, Instant Messaging, SMS and email. They entertain themselves with music and video downloads and by playing games online. The credo of this generation is “I am what I share”, rather than “I am what I own”.
Vodacom has launched Vodacom Color, a cool brand available exclusively to under 25 year olds, designed to provide users with a bunch of cool add on options, free extras and opportunities to win some awesome prizes.
Romeo Kumalo, executive director: commercial of Vodacom South Africa, says: “We have listened to what you want and as a result we have developed Vodacom Color – a youth-specific brand that we hope you will shape and develop in dialogue with us. Tell us what you want and what you need and let’s Color your life!”
Registration for Vodacom Color is free and can be done on the WAP site at