Gateway Communications has won claimed the prestigious award for “Wholesale Service Innovation” in partnership with Seacom.

The GTB Innovation Awards are designed to honour innovative projects involving telecoms operators and service providers around the world, in association with their vendors and suppliers. For the “Wholesale Service Innovation” Award, Gateway was assessed on a project that showed innovative contribution to the telecommunications sector.
The award was given for Gateway’s MPLS services on sub-sea cable Seacom. Gateway can provide direct connectivity along the length of the East African coast from Kenya to South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, as well as West Africa, Europe and the US, with its new MPLS network. This is the first and only fully redundant MPLS backbone on Seacom serving the entire East African coast making high quality Africa to Africa networks a reality.
Mike van den Bergh, CEO of Gateway Wholesale & Carrier Services, commented: “We’re very proud of the work we’ve done over the past year with Seacom. As one of the first investors in the SEACOM project, it was very exciting to finally go live in August last year. Since then we have been busy securing the right telecommunications licenses to ensure we can continue to build the infrastructure that connects businesses and consumers across the continent. It’s great to be recognised for our efforts and we will continue to work with partners such as Seacom to connect Africa.”
Alan Burkitt-Gray, editor of Global Telecoms Business comments: “This is the fourth time we’ve run our Innovation Awards and each year we’ve seen that the industry is working harder and harder to deliver exciting and innovative services to its customers worldwide. Congratulations to all the award winners. The industry is seeing a wave of innovation which is making a huge difference — to the companies working in the industry and to all of us in business and as consumers.  They are making such a difference to the world. We want to celebrate what they are doing.”