The Tandberg EX90 provides personal video conferencing telepresence at high-quality 1080p30 video on the desktop.

It is a sleek, modern-style system that complements any office. Users can streamline their desk and communications by consolidating the system into a single PC screen, video and telephone.
By extending telepresence to the desktop, all staff can participate in high-quality video conference calls. Some of the features of the EX90 are:
* High-quality face-to-face video on the desk with vivid lifelike 1080p30 resolution on a large 24-inch HD screen;
* Tandberg inTouch: The 8-inch interface is simple to use – just glide the finger to make and manage calls, similar to the top-of the-range T3 and T1 telepresence systems.
The high-definition quality enables users to collaborate as if they were in the same room, moving seamlessly between sharing a presentation, CAD drawing, prototype or even a sketch. The video camera can become an instant HD document camera. A second screen can be added that can be dedicated to content.