There is still a shortage of skills IT professionals in South Africa.

This is one of the results of the newly-released CareerJunction Index (CJI) Q1 report for the IT sector, which analyses the online labour market to provide insight into the supply sersus demand trends of online career seeker talent .
The fact that skilled IT professionals are in short supply comes as no surprise, says CareerJunction CEO Kris Jarzebowski.
The report also suggests that the opposite scenario is true for entry and junior level staff, where demand is low but the availability of career seekers at these work levels is significantly larger.
Jarzebowski says this means companies can choose the best entry- and junior-level staff, then work on training and developing this talent to the required skill levels.
While this may not fill the immediate demand to fill skills shortages, it does provide a longer term benefit to all companies and the country at large, he says.
“The lack of skilled professionals is a cause for concern in the IT sector. It is therefore important for companies to up skill their staff and participate in the skills development initiatives which have been made available by the government and private sector. Implementing training initiatives will prove to be a successful and cost-effective solution to businesses in the long run,” says Jarzebowski.
The greatest shortages were identified in development & software as well as business analysis, according to the CJI report, the most affected IT occupations where the greatest shortages were identified.