Expand Networks is coming to the aid of beleaguered IT managers who face the challenge of keeping corporate networks productive during the World Cup.

IT managers in the UK are facing a new problem during the World Cup – keeping their corporate networks running while workers try to watch matches online.
In a recent survey by Internet Service Provider, Eclipse, 54% of working UK staff are planning to watch World Cup matches on their office computers. This will result in a surge in network traffic and bandwidth usage that could significantly impact the performance and throughput of critical business application and services.
“Just like world class footballers, corporate networks need to be finely tuned to ensure the highest level of performance and agility,” says Adam Davison, vice-president: corporate sales & marketing at Expand Networks. “Also, in order to perform at their very peak footballers need two key attributes – vision and control
"Likewise, IT managers need the same tools to gain insight into network activity and the ability to manage network usage."
He says Expand offers the tools to let IT managers get visibility and control over network usage, assuring priority and quality of service is given to business critical applications and services.