Metalogix Software has been named a "Cool Vendor" in the Content Management, 2010 report published by Gartner, Inc. Gartner defines "cool vendors" in content management as companies that "appeal to IT and business buyers by addressing their needs to help people relate better to information by making the information itself smarter, even as they also explore combinations of cloud computing, open source, and supplements for improved overall content management."

"We are honored to be recognised by Gartner as a cool vendor in content management," said Chris Risley, CEO, Metalogix. "Companies continue to place an increasing focus on the strategic implications of SharePoint throughout their enterprise and as a result they are looking to derive more value for their SharePoint investments. The Metalogix suite of solutions for SharePoint storage, migration, archiving and management help companies reap the full benefits of SharePoint without added impact on the IT organisation."
Says Chris Hathaway, Director at local distributor Soarsoft Africa, "We are working with more and more local organisations that need to quickly and intuitively move their data into their new SharePoint platforms from File systems, legacy web born content management platforms and other data repositories, like 3rd party Document Management solutions.  We also add the archiving piece that ensures scalability and strict records management from the word go and into the future."
Metalogix provides solutions that migrate content into SharePoint Server, help SharePoint Server store content efficiently, manage content throughout its lifecycle, and archive content for compliance and e-discovery. The Metalogix product suite interacts with SharePoint Server only through supported APIs. Metalogix products empower organisations to securely and automatically migrate content from legacy ECM systems into SharePoint Server.