Surprise results from a recent survey indicate that as many as one in six South African's spend as much as half of each day using their cell phones.

Dial Direct Insurance recently ran an independent online survey to gain greater insight into South Africa’s cell phone habits – and the findings showed an interesting swing towards the use of cellphones for social media.
Respondents were asked questions including: How much time (on average) do you spend on your cell phone per day? Which function is most important to you above and beyond phoning? Do you use your cell phone more for social purposes or business? Do you prefer talking or SMSing? Do you frequently use your cell phone to access social networking sites, and, how important is your cell phone to you?
In terms of time spent on the cellphone, 18% of the respondents said they use their phone for more than five hours a day, while just over a quarter put that figure at four hours and 56% of respondents indicated that they used their cellphones for two hours every day.
After making and receiving cell phone calls, sending and receiving SMSes ranked as the most important functionality offered, with 58% respondents indicating that this was the case. Just over 30% of respondents indicated that e-mail was the most important function after making calls. Far fewer indicated that they used their cell phones predominantly for its camera.
A high proportion of respondents (63%) indicated that they used their cell phones for social purposes only, while 37% said they used their cell phones for both social and business purposes.
Of those surveyed, 72% reported that they preferred talking on their cell phones to sending SMSs.
When asked about whether or not they used their cell phones for social networking, 121 respondents said they did, while 90 said they did not. The vast majority of respondents indicated that they subscribed to Facebook, with 12,5% of respondents using their cell phones for Twitter, and far fewer for MXit and banking.
The survey fond that 135 of the respondents believe their cell phones are very important to them, while 69 people remarked that they were "necessary". Only 2,3% of respondents said their cell phones were not important to them.
“This survey provided very interesting and useful results about cell phone usage in South Africa,” says Dial Direct Insurance’s spokesperson, Bradley Du Chenne. “It is evident that South Africans make full use of the technology their cell phones offer, and that the cell phone is a vital form of communication in terms of both business and leisure.”