Printronix has announced the latest introduction in its flagship line matrix product series, the P7000 cartridge line matrix printer.

The new P7000 cartridge printer gives users the added advantage of a cartridge that enables easy replacement while delivering ease of change, clean-hands installation, more uniform print quality and longer ribbon life.
Ideally suited for supply-chain and back-office printing applications, the Printronix P7000 series is the preferred choice of companies around the globe, offering more uptime and mission-critical dependability, while providing lower service and operating costs.
“Reliability and value are still top buying priorities in Line impact printer environments.  Businesses want integrated print management, precise print quality and operating cost controls in high-volume printing for mission critical applications,” says Peter Grant, managing vice-president at Gartner.
Printronix line matrix printers work predictably and consistently in challenging physical environments, performing reliably under temperature and humidity extremes and often using low quality paper or paper with a high recycled content. In contrast to laser printers, which require a pristine operating environment and high quality paper, the P7000 also works in current and legacy host environments to efficiently and reliably support critical business processes and is ideally suited for printing multi-part forms.
In addition, the cost of supplies for a laser printer is six times the cost of supplies for a line matrix printer, delivering a significant total cost of ownership advantage for line matrix users.
“While all Printronix printers deliver unparalleled reliability, many Printronix printers operate in the field for more than two to three times the life of a laser or serial dot matrix printer,” says Pendy Pendyala, vice-president: global marketing at Printronix.  “Customers with legacy printers will appreciate the convenience and superior uptime of the new P7000 cartridge printer.”
The new cartridge printer is completely compatible with existing P7000 printer installations, and provides the same flexibility of supported forms, paper handling capabilities and legacy application integration. Users no longer need to touch and thread the ribbon fabric through the print mechanism to replace a cartridge. No ink is transferred to the user’s hands. Quick and easy to change without requiring any special training, a cartridge ribbon snaps readily into the printer, saving time and reducing load errors.
The P7000’s new cartridge technology flips and rotates the ribbon systematically to distribute the wear over the entire surface. This yields more uniform print quality and improves the readability of documents and labels. In addition to print quality enhancements, the flipping and rotation of the cartridge ribbon allows the user to maximize ink usage in the ribbon fabric as compared to spool ribbons. The result is the longest ribbon life for a Printronix line matrix printer, providing even more uptime to mission critical environments.
The Printronix P7000 series, including the new cartridge ribbon series, is Energy Star qualified.