Human resource software specialist company, Absalom Systems, has introduced Smart.HR, a suite of simple but highly effective management tools that foster strategic decision making and enables management and HR professionals to drive and improve performance.

Smart.HR is a technologically advanced HR software solution that has been developed to enable the effective administration and management of people. Unlike many other complex HR solutions, Smart.HR is delivered as a core system with modular components.
Absalom Systems’ managing director Brendon Gass says the Absalom advantage is the unique combination of products and services that differentiate them in the marketplace. “We provide clients with a competitive advantage through the effective administration, management and utilisation of their human capital.
“Smart.HR is a powerful management tool developed around the principle that people management within organisations is moving to line managers. The system is usually managed centrally by the human resources function and made available to line managers and executive management,” he explains.
Furthermore, Smart.HR has strong data analysis, extraction and reporting capabilities that ensures accurate, relevant and tangible information is at the fingertips of those who require it most. This enables management and human resource professionals to make informed decisions about significant business issues such as performance management, remuneration, retention, succession, training and development.
“We realise the importance of information flow to any business’ success, so it is crucial that all systems can be easily integrated. The integration we have created enables information, already held within either the payroll or Absalom Smart.HR, to be reflected between the two applications,” he adds.
Functionality built into the core module includes:
* A multi-level security system allowing access to information on a “need to know” basis;
* Automated audit trail recording all database changes;
* A comprehensive query builder to create customised queries on the database with all database fields as available criteria;
* A comprehensive suite of standard management reports;
* Ad hoc report writer to produce professional reports;
* Information and reports can be extracted to a variety of applications and file formats;
* · Merging of documentation and letters with information from the database (e.g. salary increase, notifications, correspondence);
* “Trend Analyser” reports for key performance statistics and indicators presented in a graphical format;
* Scheduler for automated task scheduling and report generation with automatic notification via email; and
* Storage and management of organisational related human resource documentation.
Smart.HR also offers an intelligent facility that enables one to import information from any electronic information source like payroll systems, financial systems and spreadsheets. Data imports are set up as templates to ensure the efficient administration of weekly, fortnightly or monthly imports.
Gass says Smart.HR Employee Self Service (ESS) is an Internet or intranet-based component of Smart.HR that allows managers and employees access to a restricted view of their HR data stored in the database. “Dependant on access permissions, users can update their own personal, organisational and CV data and by using built-in workflows, perform HR functions such as leave and training applications, performance and documentation reviews online allowing organisations to move to a paperless environment.”
In addition, the Smart.HR suite makes use of SMS technology to allow employees to apply for and approve leave via their cell phones. “We are continually finding ways to maximise the usefulness of data managed in the Smart.HR database using available technology” says Gass.