As it celebrates the 25th anniversary of its first mass-market laptop, Toshiba has thrown down the gauntlet to companies like Apple and Kindle with the launch of a dual screen mni-notebook that doubles as both a netbook and an e-book reader.

The Libretto, which runs the Windows operating system, operates like a netbook with a software keyboard, or as an e-book reader if it's rotated 90-degrees.
It will be available in Japan frmo August, but will only go on sale later in the year in other regions.
Toshiba launched its first mass-market laptop, the Toshiba T1100, in April 1985.
In celebrating the occassion, the cmopnay launched its thinnest full-function 13-inch laptoop to date and an Adroid-based mobile Internet device, as well as the Libretto.
Andre Rossouw, regional GM for Toshiba in South Africa, says the company has come a long way since 1985. “Since that time we have proven again and again our drive to achieve leadership in technology, miniaturisation and usability. It’s not only an integral part of Toshiba’s DNA, but the way forward in mobile computing."