Samsung Electronics has hit the streets with a range of branded scooters, making the brand and technology real to consumers. The scooters are part of the launch of the South African component of its global Samsung Live campaign.

The objective of Samsung Mobile Live is to make the technology available to consumers to touch, feel and interact with. Based on the popularity of smartphones, especially with the propelling interest in South Africa, Samsung Live gives consumers the opportunity to get individual and direct access to Samsung Mobile phones.
“The branded scooters are part of a much bigger drive to bring the Samsung brand to the consumer,” says Shane Solomon, marketing manager of Samsung Mobile South Africa. “Today’s consumer wants to relate with the technology without losing the human interface.
“We are entering a very exciting era for the mobile phone,” says Solomon. “It is playing such an important role in our everyday lives, that choosing a phone is becoming a lot more scientific.”
He adds that the smartphones Samsung Mobile is bringing to the South African market in the near future will show just how technology has evolved.
“Our new range of phones such as the Samsung Wave and the Samsung Galaxy S, to be launched in the next couple of weeks will showcase how advanced Samsung’s hardware technology is and will reinforce our strength in ensuring that consumers can connect whenever, wherever and however they choose,” he says.
“The Samsung brand remains synonymous with innovation, and we have already seen that South African consumers are well positioned to take full advantage of what the brand has to offer. The branded motorbikes and the launch of Mobile Live is a reaffirmation of Samsung’s commitment to bringing South Africans the very best and latest in digital technology."