Ingran Africa, a local storage specialist and distributor of Compellent Technologies, has announced that Compellent Technologies has once again received the InfoWorld 2010 ‘Technology of the Year award’ for its storage area network (SAN), making this the third consecutive year in which this product has been acknowledged.

“InfoWorld Technology of the Year award winners are not just the best products in their class, but the products that are leading the way in the technology categories that businesses and IT professionals should care most about,” says Doug Dinely, executive editor for Test Centre, InfoWorld. “These are the products that are changing the way businesses operate and how people work.”
Selected by IDG’s InfoWorld Test Centre editors and reviewers, the annual awards identify the best and most innovative products on the IT landscape. Not all categories are judged every year and the SAN award is given out every other year. Winners are selected from all of the products tested during the past year, with the final selections made by InfoWorld’s Test Centre staff.
Ingran Africa managing director Andre Moller says the Compellent SAN was chosen for the way it combines enterprise-class features, great performance over Fibre Channel or iSCSI and remarkable ease-of-use. “As stated by InfoWorld Test Centre, even untrained administrators can effectively manage their storage system with the Compellent SAN’s intuitive wizards.”
The Compellent SAN offers enterprise features, such as automated tiered storage, advanced virtualisation, thin provisioning, continuous snapshots and thin replication enabling fluid data management for enterprises
 of all sizes.
More experienced personnel can use the simple command line scripting interface to provision multiple LUNs with one step. In giving the award to Compellent, InfoWorld also emphasised that “in virtualisation environments, cloning drives to make new VMs is very easy and quick, and protecting critical VMs via replication to a second array is a snap.”
“InfoWorld is one of the most influential and respected IT resources available, and we’re thrilled to receive the Technology of the Year Award recognition again. It is truly an honor to have the editors and reviewers recognise how Compellent’s unique approach to storage is helping IT departments be more efficient and reduce storage costs through the life of a system,” he concludes.