“Siyenza Manje” is a programme of the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) Development Fund, which aims to accelerate project implementation and unlock economic potential in low capacity municipalities.

“Since the inception of the Development Fund, there have been growing expectations for it to speed up service delivery at local municipalities in order to intensify the socio-economic growth of South Africa. The Siyenza Manje programme thus continually focuses on extending hands-on support to the country’s low capacity municipalities to improve their levels of efficiency,” says Paul Baloyi, CEO of the DBSA Development Fund.
The DBSA Development Fund has selected the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) project management solution, Post Vision Technology’s Project Portfolio Office (PPO) along with the professional and specialised services of The Project Hub, to assist with achieving its monitoring of objectives at low capacity municipalities. PPO is a web-based, enterprise capable application designed, developed and supported in South Africa to assist organisations from a number of industries to manage projects and project portfolios.
“The DBSA Development Fund first selected the PPO application for the task force of approximately 300 experts, ranging from engineers and project managers to town planners and financial specialists, behind the Siyenza Manje initiative. These experts use the project management solution to monitor and evaluate the progress of each municipality in terms of its business plans, and then manage the performance against targets and analyse reports,” says Guy Jelley, CEO of Post Vision Technology.
Now, the effectiveness of this professional project management tool will also benefit the back office employees and assessors tasked to perform sustainable municipal assessments. The DBSA Development Fund chose PPO for these assessments because of the flexibility the tool provides along with its ability to extract assessment analysis graphs.
From a productivity perspective, the DBSA also recognises that the tool will enable them to improve on the turnaround time of each municipal assessment, thereby ensuring that the development finance institution stays in line with its local government strategic agenda and on track with its purpose to accelerate sustainable socio-economic development.
Further to this strategic agenda and purpose, PPO is also the solution of choice for the DBSA Development Fund’s Young Professional Programme, which is a key sustainability imperative of the  initiative to develop the capacity and capability of resources at local municipalities. The tool is used to track the progress made by young professionals throughout their learning programme, and is currently utilised by back office employees, mentors, coaches and the young professionals taking part in the programme, with each party receiving the necessary support and training.