Thintana Communications has acquired the exclusive product distribution rights for an innovative internal communications software tool that allows targeted employee communications within a local area network (LAN).

Packaged under the banner “Talk2staff”, Corporate Lan Advertising (CLA) is a locally developed software tool designed to create two-way communication channels between employees and management.  
CLA has been designed to overcome the challenges that companies face with employees not paying attention to internal emails and other internal communication channels, boosting an organisation’s ability to convey important news and information to staff, but more importantly, creates dialogue and a platform to gather meaningful feedback from employees.
The tool uses broadcast desktop imaging similar to a computer screensaver, dynamically broadcasting news, important announcements and information to all members of staff who have access to a computer connected to the company network, ensuring that the message is seen and remembered.  The distribution list can be tailored for various employee groups and different messages can be sent to select groupings.  It also allows for the gathering of feedback from staff through innovative survey and research methods which are effective and non-disruptive.
Thintana Communications’ own research showed an 85% response rate from all staff within 24 hours on actual surveys conducted in various client environments.  Traditional internal mail and intranets simply cannot guarantee that employees read or even respond to staff communications.
The software has been successfully implemented at leading South African organizations employing from 50 to thousands of employees.