Fujitsu has launched the Primergy "Dynamic Cube Starter Kit" in South Africa. The promotion is designed to convincingly demonstrate to medium-sized and large businesses, the benefits delivered by Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructures and server virtualisation in driving their business effectiveness and cutting their IT costs.

Every new Fujitsu Primergy BX900 S1 x86 blade server enclosure ordered before the end of 2010 will come complete with the virtual IO management software, Fujitsu ServerView VIOM (Virtual IO Manager), plus one year’s free service and support.
Better known as The Dynamic Cube for its future-proof and flexible design, the Primergy BX900 S1 is a single chassis incorporating a complete dynamic server infrastructure, with up to 18 server blades. The Dynamic Cube increases business agility through dynamic power and cooling, high availability, scalability, and virtualisation, while reducing operational, energy and management IT costs.
Drawing upon a complete range of innovative server blade modules, the Dynamic Cube meets varying application needs from the lower performance demands of web server and terminal server farms through to high-performance database and application server configurations.
The Dynamic Cube achieves its best high-availability, scalability, and virtualization performance – when paired with ServerView VIOM across all server blades and with no additionally required proprietary I/O hardware. ServerView VIOM greatly simplifies administration of Primergy Blade Servers by removing an entire layer of complexity from current switching architectures, and clearly separates server management from LAN/SAN management. Together with ServerView, the Primergy BX900 Dynamic Cube is also a segment leader in terms of lowered energy consumption.
Richard Sutherland, portfolio manager: Dynamic Infrastructures at Fujitsu, says: “The Dynamic Cube Starter Kit offers a perfect virtualization solution and a risk-free opportunity for all IT managers who have complex LAN and SAN environments. With the Primergy BX900, Fujitsu helps businesses to optimise how they interact with different networks by virtualising the server-related I/O, making modifications easier and quicker. Our customers benefit from reduced installation time, due to attractive bundling of hardware and licenses, combined with service & support, and including ServerView VIOM at no extra cost.”