Informatica has been positioned by Gartner in the leaders quadrant in the 2010 Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools report.

Ted Friedman and Andreas Bitterer, authors of the report, state: “Leaders in the market demonstrate strength across a complete range of data quality functionality, including profiling, parsing, standardisation, matching, validation and enrichment. They exhibit a clear understanding and vision of where the market is headed, including recognition of non-customer data quality issues and the delivery of enterprise-level data quality implementations. Leaders have an established market presence, significant size and a multinational presence (directly or as a result of a parent company).”
According to the report: “The market for data quality tools continues to experience both substantial growth and volatility. Traditional use-cases of business intelligence (BI) and master data management (MDM) remain highly active, with new applications in support of information governance initiatives and broadening of deployments across multiple data domains and applications rapidly increasing. The trend of convergence of the data quality tools market with related markets for data integration tools and MDM products continues, as market demand increasingly moves toward broader data management capabilities spanning all of these disciplines.”
Informatica’s Data Quality recent highlights include:
* Informatica launched the Informatica 9 Platform in autumn of 2009 – the most significant release in the history of Informatica, providing the first unified platform for data quality and data integration.
* Informatica acquired and successfully integrated address validation technology from AddressDoctor, a pioneer and leader in global address validation; and master data management (MDM) technology from Siperian, a leader in the MDM infrastructure technology category.
* Informatica pioneered the delivery of address validation through cloud services to applications in the cloud that requires address data.
With a strong and proven track record of enabling successful enterprise data quality projects, Informatica now offers a full data quality lifecycle applied to data integration, MDM and CRM initiatives with its market-leading identity resolution, data explorer and data quality products. Informatica continues to cross sell its Data Quality portfolio into its existing customer base as it broadens its presence in supporting all stages of the data integration lifecycle.  Informatica now offers a unified platform for data quality and data integration that delivers timely, trustworthy and relevant data.
“Informatica continues to execute relentlessly on our vision for data quality in the enterprise,” says Ivan Chong, executive VP: Data Quality at Informatica. “We are dedicated to innovating and delivering business value to customers beyond what is possible with traditional data quality technology. We believe our placement as a leader in the Magic Quadrant confirms Informatica’s execution and strategic direction for our data quality products and solutions.”