Bytes Systems Integration, has achieved three-year ISO 9001:2008 certification. The quality management standard enables both product and service organisations to achieve standards of quality that are recognised and respected throughout the world. It’s further recognition  for the group, adding to several ISO certificates already received.

ISO certification is a prerequisite for many bids for which the company competes.
The company joins Bytes Managed Solutions, Bytes Document Solutions and Lasercom as ISO-accredited organisations, underscoring the group’s commitment to quality and customer service.
“The certification means that Bytes Systems Integration designs, implements and supports customised IT solutions through the integration of hardware and software systems from global technology leaders that deliver on business expectations and adhere to recognised projects and quality management principles,” says Tony Monik, national bid manager, Bytes Systems Integration. “Our project management, finance, human resources and bid office divisions all meet the required ISO standards.”
The process involves the development of a quality management system (QMS) that enables the organisation to document, implement, maintain and improve processes. It also enables the organisation to document its QMS by managing documents, and compiling a QMS manual. Most importantly, it establishes quality objectives, demonstrates commitment to quality and a focus on customers. It also improves effectiveness, eliminates non-conformities and enables constant monitoring of systems.
The ISO certification gives Bytes Systems Integration customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing the services they receive are accredited; it also means they obtain the best levels of service from a company that is committed to continuous improvement, adds Monik.
“The quality management team has proved how dedicated, knowledgeable and proactive it is, and how ready its members are to go the extra mile for both internal and external customers.”
Monik says the certification process – which took place over two years – served to streamline the organisation as it required the team to be on the lookout for ways to continually improve the business. “We found that by striving for continuous improvement, any weak points in the system were highlighted and addressed almost immediately. It has enabled us to debate, argue and differ on points pertaining to our project management methodology, all with the aim of ensuring it is world class.”
Monik says it’s important to note that ISO certification is a work in progress as the playing field changes constantly. “By adhering to the standards set, we can be sure that everyone in the organisation is moving in the same direction, which is great news for our clients and our business.”
Monik says Bytes Systems Integration will now turn its attention to ISO 14000 certification, a set of environmental management standards that help organisations to minimise how operations negatively affect the environment.