The next few days are going to see a surge of online activity as fans look to gain one of the most sought-after prizes in sport – a ticket to the final. The majority, however, will be disappointed.

FIFA has announced that a limited number of tickets to the final will be made available at official ticketing centres over the next few days and has issued its strongest warning yet about the dangers of counterfeiting and falling prey to ticket scalpers both in the real and virtual worlds.
FIFA's stringent policies around ticket sales have been widely publicised, but this has not deterred the cybercriminals who are determined to siphon the last illegal dollar from the tournament.
Symantec has found World Cup tickets for sale on a well-known auction site after just a few simple searches. While some may be from honest sellers, many are scams designed to con fans out of their hard earned cash. Others offer tickets at highly inflated prices.
The owners of auction sites do their best to police this activity, but there is only so much they can do to keep up with the criminals, who continue to find increasingly effective ways to get their ads listed.
Fans are advised that even legitimate tickets purchased from unofficial sources might not ensure entry to the match. Many online sellers are quite aware of this possibility and have published disclaimers absolving themselves of any responsibility.