If you are looking for a reliable hard drive for multimedia streaming environments that also incorporates the benefits of low power green technology then look no further than Western Digital's (WD) new AV-25 SATA Hard Drive.

The WD AV-25 hard drive has been specially created to cater for demanding 24×7 always-on environments, providing maximum reliability and performance all in one. The WD AV-25 is now available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) in capacities of 500GB and 320GB.
"These drives are ideal for Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), digital video surveillance, set-top boxes, high-end audio systems, karaoke players and digital signage," comments Linsay Narayanan Western Digital Product Specialist at DCC. "Incorporated with ultra cool technology, these drives are highly reliable as they do not overheat and can operate continuously without any problems."
WD SilkStream Technology provides support for up to five simultaneous High Definition (HD) video streams ensuring smooth and continues digital playback. The drives feature WD's Advances Format Technology which ensures improved video quality and Audio/Video (AV) performance through enhanced error correction capability.
Aligning to WD's ideals of green technology the WD AV-25 incorporates WD's cool and quiet technologies which results in lower power consumption. Pre-emptive Wear Leveling (PWL) technology from WD means the drive arm frequently sweeps across the disk to reduce uneven wear on the drive surface which is common to audio video streaming applications.
The WD AV-25 is now available from distributor DCC for a recommended retail price of R610.00 for the 320GB and R810.00 for the 500GB capacities.