Check Point has announced the immediate local availability of Check Point Abra, a USB-based solution that allows end-users to securely access their corporate networks and desktops from any host PC.

End-users simply insert the Abra hardware into a USB port and gain instant access to company emails, files and applications from any computer through their secure virtual private networks (VPNs). Its plug-and-play USB form factor allows users to easily launch a virtual workspace that keeps mobile data secure by segregating the virtual workspace from the host PC.
Abra loads itself automatically on any PC, and contains local encrypted storage to protect any data stored on the device. User will have access to the exact same desktops they access through their work desktop or notebook computers.
Check Point developed Abra in cooperation with SanDisk. The device combines proven Check Point virtualisation, VPN and security technologies with an encrypted SanDisk high performance USB drive to create a secure, virtual workspace.
Abra includes a number of advanced security measures to safeguard data. Hardware and software encryption protects data at rest and when in use. Program Control regulates the types of applications used by Abra to protect the corporate network from malware. And virtualisation isolates an Abra work session from the host PC, ensuring sensitive data remains on Abra and preventing data loss.
“Abra gives mobile workers secure access to their own corporate desktop, wherever they can find a computer. They can now access files and applications anywhere, anytime without carrying heavy notebooks everywhere they go,” says Mark Wolff, channel and product manager at Check Point.
Abra is an ideal solution for contractors who work on their own computers, yet need secure access to their employer’s network. It can also be used to provide third-parties such as auditors with access to network resources.
Another potential application is disaster recovery. If a user’s computer breaks down or gets stolen, he or she can plug Abra into any other PC and keep working as usual.