SAS has acquired Memex, a leader in intelligence management solutions that help improve intelligence processes, enhance public safety, and prevent and deter crime, terrorism and other threats. The company has a strong presence in the law enforcement and homeland security markets.
SAS, already a player in the worldwide public security and safety markets, intends to carve out a global leadership position, according to SAS CEO Jim Goodnight. “The Memex acquisition is a key element of our global initiative to enhance our law enforcement, criminal justice, homeland security and intelligence offerings. I want SAS to be the first company public security organisations call to help them apply analytics to solve crime and protect citisens.”

Ian Manocha, MD of SAS UK and Ireland, who will serve as Memex Chairman, added, “In many countries, the law enforcement, justice, homeland security and defence intelligence markets have been separate, each maintaining its own data. SAS is expanding its ability to share and use data more efficiently and effectively across local, national and global levels with an aim toward predicting and preventing crime.”
Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Memex is well-established and respected in the law enforcement community, with global customers that include: Bedfordshire, Surrey and British Transport police departments; Delaware, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania state police; Georgia Bureau of Investigation; Kansas City Terrorism Early Warning Group; Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Centre; Los Angeles and Philadelphia police departments; Central California Intelligence Centre; Belize Police Department; Albania State Police; and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.
With the acquisition, SAS will also be able to target the emerging market for fusion centres, which combine the resources of multiple law enforcement agencies. Several US states and major cities have fusion centres that are using Memex technology.
SAS intends to grow the business globally under the existing executive management team. Memex CEO David Carrick believes that the two companies are a natural fit. “The combination of SAS’ business intelligence and advanced analytic offerings with our enterprise search, information processing and intelligence management offerings for the public security sector is unique within the marketplace.”
The move is consistent with SAS’ strategy of acquiring companies with crucial technologies that enhance or extend SAS’ own product line. The acquisition of Memex will enable SAS to form the key element of an international business to sell both SAS and Memex solutions to the national security, intelligence and law enforcement communities.