It will be at least another 10 days before the fault in the Seacom cable can be repaired.

"Seacom has continued to work closely with its partners to deploy the best plan possible for the repair operations," the caompany states.
"As communicated earlier, the exogenous factors such as location, water depth, weather and spare parts needed make this cable outage very difficult to repair and a highly specialised vessel and technical crew is being used to carry out this work.
"Based on this, the current timeline indicates that the repairs may now only be finalised by 22 July 2010."
The company has made alternative arrangements for its users, however, and these have helped the network cope with international traffic.
"The deployment of restored capacity via other cable systems has progressed very well and Seacom is pleased with the positive support received from clients and suppliers alike," the company states.
"In addition to the alternative capacity already in place, Seacom will also continue to source and activate additional capacity to meet customer requirements for the duration of the repairs."