Soarsoft Africa has announced the availability of Metalogix Migration Manager for Blogs and Wikis. Metalogix Software is a provider of solutions for Microsoft SharePoint migration, management and archiving as well as Microsoft Exchange migration and archiving.

Migration Manager is the first solution to enable organisations to easily and flexibly transition content from popular blog and wiki solutions (Google Blogger, WordPress, Telligent, Confluence, Wikimedia) to Office SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint 2010.
"Many organisations are keen to leverage the social computing capabilities of SharePoint 2010. The ability to deploy scalable blogs and wikis with a common authoring and search experience is very valuable," said Jeremy Thake, SharePoint Evangelist. "With Metalogix Migration Manager for Blogs and Wikis, organisations can transition their valuable content from popular wiki platforms like MediaWiki and Confluence and dramatically reduce their migration effort and cost."
Says Chris Hathaway, Director at local distributor Soarsoft Africa, "In the modern business environment and as a result of the changes Web 2.0 has brought to how organisations use and share information, content is often spread across many different platforms and exists in many different formats. Metalogix Migration Manager for Blogs and Wikis means that organisations can regain control of this valuable data, by migrating it to SharePoint and thus making it accessible, find-able and ultimately more useful to the organisation."
SharePoint now offers organisations a comprehensive platform for document management, collaboration and social computing that enhances information worker productivity. Consolidating content from disparate social computing platforms makes information more accessible and simplifies content creation-reducing both cost and IT complexity.
"Metalogix has led the field in enabling organisations to take advantage of SharePoint's social publishing features," said Chris Risley, CEO, Metalogix. "With support for the most popular blog and wiki solution organisations, we can now migrate a highly relevant and important class of collaborative content to SharePoint. Our customers can take full advantage of enterprise metadata, consistent search and authoring tools to improve their productivity."
Metalogix gives organisations a comprehensive way to standardise on SharePoint 2010 by combining Metalogix Migration Manager for Blogs and Wikis with solutions for upgrading content from previous versions of SharePoint and migrating content from existing ECM systems as well as websites, files and public folders. The company's storage management and content management solutions help customers to run SharePoint efficiently by minimsing the growth of content databases and reducing content sprawl. This approach maximises SharePoint's benefits for both IT and business units while reducing an organisation's total cost of ownership.
Metalogix Migration Manager for Blogs and Wikis-like all of Metalogix's migration products-is 100% Microsoft compliant. It interacts with SharePoint only through supported APIs-with no direct writes to the database-and supports SharePoint Online. The Metalogix solution migrates content from any blogging solution that supports the Metaweblog API, RSS or ATOM. It preserves blog posts, comments, and categories and maps users. When migrating content from wikis, it preserves all posts, comments, metadata and attachments. SharePoint administrators can perform migration activities remotely from any client machine and run batch migration operations at any time. Migration is performed through supported remote Blog and Wiki APIs to assure compliance and data integrity.