To satisfy its subscribers’ growing desire for a personalized service, Vodafone Portugal is creating new service bundles combining legacy and new network services.

It has selected Nokia Siemens Networks’ Service Broker to enable the seamless convergence of legacy circuit-switched services, such as Personnel Greeting Voice services, with IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) services. Service Broker will be fully integrated into Vodafone Portugal’s existing business processes, laying the foundation for continued business growth.
“As a service provider, we are committed to offering our customers innovative services and the ultimate communication experience, so they can live richer lives while on the move,“ says Jorge Bento, director of intelligent network, services and platforms at Vodafone Portugal. “Nokia Siemens Networks’ Service Broker, integrates of new real-time voice and video services into our existing offerings, letting us expand our range of services.”
“The introduction of new services to meet the demands of smartphone users in particular, presents a huge challenge to operators since most operate a multi-vendor network that requires integration of various platforms,” says Pedro Salles, the head of the Vodafone Spain and Portugal customer team at Nokia Siemens Networks. “The Service Broker platform allows Vodafone Portugal to create new combinations of existing services as well as implement completely new ones.”
Because Vodafone Portugal operates a multi-vendor network, the Service Broker technology, based on an OpenCloud platform and integrated into the operator’s existing IMS and intelligent network (IN) systems, will substantially cut the time and cost of launching new services. It will also allow Vodafone Portugal to offer new real-time services without the need to adapt other network elements, enabling continuity with established systems such as charging and billing.