Rectron, sole local distributor of the Transcend line of storage and multimedia products, has launched Transcend’s first 64GB Class 10 SDXC memory cards, designed for high-end SDXC‑compatible DSLR cameras and HD camcorders.

“SDXC has been squarely aimed at video and still Image users,” says Werner Joubert, personal systems and storage business manager at Rectron at Rectron.
“With greater demand for high-definition (HD) quality content, semi-pro and pro photographers who demand ample, fast storage for taking still images, or video enthusiasts who require speedy, high‑capacity storage, should be looking at these cards.”
With ultrafast transfer rates up to 25Mbps, Transcend's new Ultimate SDXC card is capable of storing 26 208 images using a five megapixel resolution and JPEG compression, 9 000 images at 10 megapixels using the JPEG compression format, 352 hours of standard quality video (MPEG-4 video at 384 Kbps), or 640 minutes of 1920×1080 videos.
“This is over 14 days’ worth of standard definition MPEG-4 Video and 10½ hours of high definition 1080p video,” adds Joubert.
“With future generations of the cards capacity will be driven up to over 2TB allowing for huge data stores of photographs and video.”
SDXC — Secure Digital eXtended Capacity — is the next-generation standard for SD cards established by the Secure Digital Association (SDA).  With supported capacities ranging from 32Gb up to 2Tb, SDXC offers vastly greater storage potential compared to the SDHC standard, which only supports capacities up to 32Gb.
“Due to its use of the exFAT file system – which supports files larger than 4GB — Transcend's SDXC are specifically designed to allow for higher capacities than previous designs, expanding the storage capabilities of devices that make use of SD cards such as digital still cameras, digital single lens Reflex cameras, digital video cameras, high definition recording devices and any SDXC-compliant computing devices,” adds Joubert.
“The enhanced speed of Class 10 also allows the SDXC Cards to be read from and written to extremely quickly, enhancing their capabilities as portable storage devices.”
Fully Class 10 compliant, Transcend Ultimate SDXC cards boast read speeds up to 25 MB/s, which not only prevents lag when recording 1920×1080 Full HD videos, but also enables high-speed consecutive shooting at sporting or other fast-motion events.
As more and more consumer electronic products such as HDTVs, Blu-ray players, mobile phones and GPS are expected to support SDXC in the near future, Transcend believes widespread adoption of SDXC is “just around the corner”.
In addition to the 64Gb Class 10 SDXC Cards, Transcend also offers a complete line of Ultimate series Class 10 SDHC Cards, which deliver transfer speeds of up to 20Mbps and are available in 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb and 32Gb capacities.