Open Door, the inventor of new electronic data logging system, Elogger, has awarded third party distribution rights to local IT specialist, PDC.

Elogger was recently launched as a solution to the administrative dilemma posed by SARS’ regulations regarding travel allowances, which came into action on 1 March this year. The new procedures require that an accurate logbook be kept to log business and private kilometres. Without a logbook, claims will not be processed.
Elogger makes this time-consuming process manageable by electronically monitoring distance travelled. An electronic unit with GPS facilities, the Elogger is activated when the car is started, logging the date, time and purpose of the trip, and starting coordinates. All that is needed from the driver is the selection of either “business” or “private” on the push button interface at the start of the trip. These coordinates are also linked to the physical address and all this data is shown in an excel spreadsheet and is viewable on Google Earth.
Rodney Bartman, CEO of PDC, is pleased with the new development, saying that although many recognise the company as printing specialists, manufacturers are increasingly acknowledging the company’s strength as a distributor.
Ferdie Mostert of Elogger echoes this sentiment: “Support and distribution infrastructure are essential to efficiently moving the Elogger product to our users. Successfully expanding our footprint throughout the country was always our aim. Partnering with PDC ensures this distribution to our clients. We are happy to associate our quality product with the same level of support.”