Are you an avid reader? Tired of carrying books on the plane or on holiday? Spend too much money at the bookstore? If you have been searching high and low for an e-book reader then look no further.

The latest craze in the tech world is now available at Dion Wired, Capi Electronics, The Gadget Shop, Sandton Stationers and soon from Incredible Connection  
The Story from IRiver is  being bundled with R300.00 worth of free e-books from, and features a 6-inch e-ink display and Qwerty keyboard in a slim and light device.
The e-ink technology allows for moer than 8 000 page turns before the battery needs to be re-charged, and the device supports multiple formats including ePub, as well as comic books.
So if you love reading books and are tired of lugging a bag of books around with, or want to benefit from being able to read your favourite books cheaper than buying the hard copy, then the Story is for you.
Other features of the IRiver are the MP3 player, voice recorder, personal organiser, a diary, as well as text scrap and clipping.
The iRiver is supplied by Circuit City Electronics. It has a suggested retail price from R2 700.00.