Movius Interactive Corporation Africa sales director Andy Minnaar is set to give industry professionals an insight into the enormous potential of virtual communications at next week’s Mobile Messaging and VAS Forum Africa in Johannesburg (28 and 29 July).

“Virtual communications are changing communications, at one end of the scale enabling those without phones to get on onto the network for the first time and also giving existing phone owners the capability to use multiple numbers on a single device,” says Minnaar.
"Africa is the world’s fastest-growing mobile market and both these solutions give operators an opportunity to benefit from accessing new and potentially loyal customers in the region.”
Minnaar, a recognised telecoms figure in Africa, will take centre stage to discuss the future benefits of virtual subscriber services (VSS) to mobile network operators looking to gain from improved revenues, increased customer counts and reduced churn levels.
During his talk, Minnaar will discuss how operators in Africa are deploying the VSS service.  With VSS, operators for the first time, have the chance to meet the needs of a whole new market of unconnected users.
In addition, Minnaar will discuss the market for virtual second-line mobile services.  With a virtual second-line, mobile subscribers can have more than one phone number on a single device without the need for multiple SIMs or special handsets.  He will be presenting market data that shows the market demand for this service worldwide as well as present insight into Movius’ solution, Side-Line Service.
“The technology behind virtual communications enables operators to profitably expand their market. In any location or situation, mobile operators can provide the ideal solution demanded by their increasingly diverse subscribers,” Minnaar says.